Agenda Item
Meeting Date: 6/11/2020 - 7:00 PM
Type: Action
Subject: Resolution 19/20-37: A Resolution of the School Board for the City of Suffolk, Virginia, to Make an Award to Charter Spectrum to Provide Session Initiated Protocol (SIP) Truck and Transport for Suffolk Public Schools and on Behalf of the School Board to Authorize the School Superintendent to Enter into a Contract with Charter Spectrum to Provide the Aforementioned Services
Strategic Plan - Priority Focus Areas:
File Attachment:
Resolution Number 1920-37 SIP Truck and Transport.pdf
Summary: N/A
Recommendation: That the School Board will approve Resolution 19/20-37 as presented.
Recommended By:
Signed By:
Wendell Waller - School Board Attorney
Signed By:
Dr. John Gordon III - Superintendent